All sandwiches include your choice of ONE HOMEMADE SIDE

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Our Classic Sandwich! It's "swiney-goodness" served on a Brioche hamburger bun.

Reg $12.00 Large $14.50

Beef Brisket Sandwich

This "tender bovine" is well-paired with our artisan pretzel bun.

Reg $12.50 Large $15.00

Turkey Breast Sandwich

Moist turkey slices, smoked cheddar and Louisiana mayo on sweet Panini bread. "Gobble-yum"!

Reg $13.00 Large $15.50

Triple Slider

A great way to try all 3 sandwiches! Pork, Brisket and Turkey mini sandwich sampler on sesame seed buns and your choice of ONE homemade side.



Yes you heard it right. BRISK TURK PORKEN. All 3 meats on one sandwich with mayo and Cheeze


Pulled Potato

Our Famous creation!! The Pulled Potato!

Pulled Potato

We select a large baked potato and pile it high! We begin with our own Louisiana mayo, smoked cheddar, your choice of meat, BBQ sauce, and we finish it off with coleslaw and pickles!! It needs to get in your mouth... Right Now! (Staff Favorite) *Your may substitute Pit Beans instead of Slaw.


Dinner Plates

Choose from Beef brisket, Pulled pork, Turkey breast or Ribs and TWO Homemade sides.

One meat Diner Plate

Your choice of ONE smoked meat and TWO Homemade sides.


Two Meat Dinner Plate

Your choice of TWO smoked meats and TWO Homemade sides.


Three Meat Dinner Plate

Your choice of THREE smoked meats and TWO Homemade sides.


Rib Dinners

Pork Side Ribs and your choice of TWO Homemade sides.

Four Rib Dinner

4 Ribs and your choice of TWO Homemade sides.


Half Rack Rib Dinner

Half Rack of Ribs and your choice of TWO Homemade sides.


Full Rack Rib Dinner

A Full Rack of Ribs and your choice of TWO Homemade sides.


Add 2 ribs to anything!

Have it all! Add 2 delicious ribs to your Sandwich, Triple Sliders, or Pulled Potato for a complete meal.


Family Platter Combos for Four

3 different combo's to choose from. All Platters come with pickles, chips and BBQ sauce

Family Platter Combo 1

1.5 lb Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket 2 Large Homemade sides 4 Brioche buns


Family Platter Combo 2

1.5 Lbs Meat (Choose 3 from: beef brisket, pulled pork, turkey breast or 1/2 rack of ribs) 3 large Homemade sides


Family Platter # 3

1.5 Racks of Ribs 1.5 lb Meat (1/2 lb ea. of Beef, Pork and Turkey ) 3 Large Homemade sides


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Homemade Sides


Delicious, sweet and fresh coleslaw

$3.50 Small $11.00 Large


Sweet buttermilk cornbread muffin made fresh daily.

$2.50 each 4 for $9.00

Pit Beans

Our famous smoked baked beans with brisket

$3.50 Small $11.00 Large

Mashed Potatoes

Garlic, creamy whipped potatoes.

$3.50 Small $11.00 Large

Baked Potato

Large Baker with Sour Cream and butter


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Cold Drinks

Brewed Tea

Real Brewed Ice Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened)



Cold and delicious! A southern treat (Original or Strawberry)


Fountain Drink

Refreshing Pepsi Products


Bottled Drinks

Pepsi products, with juices and energy drinks

As Marked

Bottled Water

That Bar-B_Q Place Bottled Water


Coffee / Tea


Served Hot


Adult Beverages


A Canadian Tradition from those Creston BC Glaciers


Americas Favorite Light Beer


A Taste of Mexico with your Bar-B-Q

Other Local and Import beers and ciders

Come in to check our our other selections

Crown Royal

The worlds Favorite Rye Whiskey and coincidentally, it's ours too!


Everyone loves some Vodka! Try it with our Florida Lemonade.

Original Moonshine

New in Canada!!! Try some in our "Lemonade Lightning" or "The End of Prohibition" cocktails.

Apple Pie Moonshine

A Delicious Flavored Moonshine. "Nitro Ginger" and "Apple Crisp" are our signature Apple Pie Moonshine Cocktails!

Red Wine

Variety of red wines


White Wine

Variety of white wines


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